Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pet Grooming

A well groomed animal is a happy animal, and a well groomed animal is also far more likely to be a healthier animal too! Paying attention to your animal’s fur, skin and general grooming needs will add great value to not only their life but to yours as well! Grooming will make your pet look and feel good and for those blisteringly hot summer months your long haired pets may even appreciate a grooming hair cut to help keep them cool – and don’t worry their fur will be grown back by the time the coolness of Winter begins to set in.

One of the greatest health benefits that you will gain from regularly grooming your pet is that you will pick up on certain health risks a lot faster, as they will be easily and quickly spotted. This means that any parasites – such as fleas, ticks and even worms can be detected early on and you can get treatment for your pet before the onset of any more potentially serious problems.

Grooming also gives you a chance to spend some great time with your pet if you choose to do the grooming yourself, or your pet can enjoy a trip away from the house to a specialised pet grooming parlour.