Monday, September 8, 2008

Kitty litter boxes

Having your pet house trained can make life a lot easier for both you and your animal. The most usual form of having a house trained animal is to have them using a litter box or to have them trained to go outside when they need to do their business. However, at times, a litter box fails and your pet, when closed indoors, does not always seem to ask to be let out. In these instances you can still find mechanisms and methods that make housetraining and even the litter box work.

Cats in particular are animals that like to be clean, for this reason there are cats that will refuse to use a cat litter box. If this is the case with your cat or kitten then ideally you should leave a window open to give them constant and easy access to a garden. If the garden option is out and you can’t or don’t want to leave a window open then it will be essential for you to make the litter box option work. To make it more user friendly to your cat make sure that you regularly clean out the litter box and keep it in a non obtrusive setting where they can easily get to the litter box but can also have some privacy when using it.