Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting to know your pet

Chances are that as a pet owner you think of your pet as much more than just an animal and you know that the bond between the two of you is mutual and extensive! But have ever wondered about your pet’s range of emotions? Have you ever asked yourself whether or not your pet really has emotions? Or even more inquiringly – does an animal have emotions? As a pet owner myself my first response is yes of course they have emotions! I can notice mood changes and I swear I even notice changes in my cat’s facial expressions! And purring is not for nothing! They may be completely dependant on us but I don’t think that we should underestimate the capacity and emotional capabilities of our animals!

‘Emotion’ is a big word to understand, it is something we all know we have and that we all experience in great variety everyday – even towards our animals, but it is hard to fully explain what ‘emotion’ truly means and proving that emotion exists is even harder! But considering the loyalty we feel and considering the strength of the bonds that we share with our animals I think it is pretty safe to say that what we share with our pets is a mutually emotional bond.