Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The benefits of pet grooming

A shiny coat on our cats or dogs not only looks good and is very pleasing to the eye of a pet owner but is also generally a sign that the pet is physically well and in good health. Knowing that your pet’s exterior is well taken care of and looked after through regular grooming means that you will very quickly notice when something is wrong with your cat or dog.

In this, the grooming of your cat or dog can be a way of making sure that your pet has a good bill of health. Not only will their coats and general good feeling be improved through regular grooming but you will also be able to keep yourself aware of any physical changes in your pet. If your pet is kept clean, and in the case of long haired cats or dogs is kept brushed, you will easily be able to pick up on the dulling of their fur or any other unusual changes in your pet’s appearance that may stem from a medical or health reason. Keeping in touch with your vet and having your pet’s health protected with insurance cover means that while you are taking care of your pet’s grooming needs you are also guarded against any unexpected accidents and visits to the vet.