Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pet insurance for peace of mind

Pet insurance is an insurance offer with more benefits than you might at first think. The obvious aspects about insuring your pet’s health means that, like your own health insurance, you do not have to worry about the lump sum costs of medical bills – your insurance covers your costs for you. All you do is pay your monthly insurance fee and when your cat or dog needs to see a vet for medical attention you pay a small excess fee. This allows you the freedom of not needing to hunt for the funds to pay off a vet.

With Medipet pet insurance you are offered coverage for your cat and / or dog from when they are only 8 weeks old. The cover offered by Medipet is life long and ensures that your animal will have well covered and reliable health insurance for as long as they might need it. Application for your pet’s health insurance is as easy as visiting the Medipet website at and filling in an application form through an easy to follow process.

Knowing that your cat or dog is covered by pet insurance can put you at ease with your pet’s health and well being!