Monday, November 26, 2007

Medipet insurance: points of interest

Pet insurance has its benefits to both you and your pet. But it is good to know just what exactly your animal will be covered for. Here are just three of the many benefits that you can expect from your Medipet insurance package:

  • For both cats and dogs, Medipet insurance will pay out R250 for advertising and reward for your pet should they go missing. This means that instead of focusing on any costs to find your animal you can put your time and energy into finding your lost cat or dog.
  • Your Medipet insurance package will also take care of your animals housing needs at either a kennel or cattery while you are ill and unable to take care of your animal. This cover also includes a pet sitter option and will cover up R50 per day that you are unable to be with your cat or dog. Per year this cover reaches up to R100 for dogs and R750 for cats.
  • Medipet insurance will take care of your veterinary costs for up to R25 000 per annum. This means that your costs are covered by your monthly fee payment for either your cat or dog and your visits to the vet are covered by you only to the extent of your small excess fee with each claim.