Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting a good vet: something to think about

Veterinary services are a vital component to ensuring your pet is in good health and well taken care of when ill. Vets however can be expensive but there is no need for you to be concerned over vet bills and your pet’s health costs. Medipet pet insurance can assist you in providing for your animal’s health with easy and convenient medical insurance for your pet.

If your pet were to be involved in accident or were to fall ill, you have the concern of both your animal’s welfare as well as your financial responsibilities. Medipet’s pet insurance packages are designed to take the load off of your mind. With pet insurance you know that your animal will be taken of by professional vets who not only care about your pet but are also qualified to care of your pet’s health needs.

With the concern of your pet’s well being off your mind, all you then need to think about is your monthly rate with Medipet: R115 for cats and R125 for dogs. Your only other cost will be your excess of R250 which you pay should your pet need to see a vet. Insuring your pet’s health gives you safety as well as peace of mind.