Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Medipet Pet Assistance

Good pet assistance can mean the difference between losing your pet and saving their life. When your animal needs medical attention you do not want to have to compromise on their health because of financial constraints. With Medipet pet insurance you can be sure that when the time comes and your pet needs medical care you can know that you are covered by a reliable medical insurance. Medical insurance for your pet means that you do not have the concern of huge payments to your vet. With easy to pay monthly instalments your cat or dog can be given the best of care when they need it.

With Medipet offering pet assistance in the form of medical insurance your pet can be covered from the time your animal is just 8 weeks old. This ensures that for the greater part of your animals life you have the peace of mind that your pet will receive medical attention how and when they need it. With an excess that is as little as R250 your animal’s health can be reliably covered for anything from illnesses to accidents without the worry of exorbitant bills. With a low excess and Medipet’s adequate cover you can know that your pet’s health is in good hands.