Friday, November 9, 2007

Cat Food

Being sure that you are eating the correct foods is the first and a very important way of ensuring that your health is taken care of. Animal’s are no different, just as we need to take note of our diets and need to be sure that we are getting the right foods into our systems so we need to make sure that our pet’s are healthy and that, through their diet, their health is maintained.

Cat food and dog food is especially designed to provide your pet with their essential nutritional needs. There are however times when the food that we feed our pets is not quite enough to cover what their body needs from their food. Medipet understands this and therefore has made provision within their pet insurance coverage for additional food requirements for your pet.

Should your cat or dog be treated by a vet for a specific ailment the vet may recommend that you change your dog or cat food for a period of time. The vet may even prescribe a diet specific food. On this recommendation by your vet Medipet will pay out R100 per month for up to six months to cover the costs of the prescription diet.