Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dog Food

Your dog’s food is what will give him or her the nutrients that they need to meet their health requirements so that they can be in top physically condition. Making sure that the food that your pet is eating is suited to their needs means that your pet can be healthy while also ensuring that they maintain their good state of health.

Ensuring your dog’s physical health by feeding them the correct dog foods will at the same time ensure that your dog is mentally alert, energetic and living life as enjoyably as possible. Good physical health also means that you dog’s body can ward off illness, disease and should anything happen to your dog, a healthy body means that he or she can heal faster and more effectively.

Medipet’s health insurance coverage for your pet also includes a cover that takes care of your pet’s diet needs. Should your dog food need to be changed and your vet places your dog on a specific prescription food you can claim for it from your pet insurance! Medipet covers up to R100 per month for prescription foods needed to treat illnesses and the cover pays out for up to six months.