Friday, November 2, 2007

Pet health insurance

Health insurance for your pet is as essential as your own health insurance. Your pet, whether he or she is a cat or a dog, is more than just an animal they are part of the family. Your animal’s health is also something that needs attention and care.

When our pets are sick or injured they need love and care just like any person would and the best way to ensure that you can provide for your animal is to be covered by reliable pet health insurance. Medipet promises to make pay outs within 10 working days of your claim. Because of the prompt, efficient and reliable service vets often prefer their clients to have pet insurance – knowing that fees are taken care of means that everyone involved in your pet’s well being can focus on the importance of your animal’s health.

Medipet offers health insurance packages suited to your pet and their medical needs. Cats and dogs can both be covered with medical insurance with Medipet. The packages that Medipet has on offer for cats and dogs cover the essential needs that most animals have when needing to see a vet. With Medipet your animal is covered for illnesses, hip replacements, tumour removals and the use of any vet countrywide.