Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cat Health: comprehensive coverage

A healthy cat means a happy cat and when your pet is happy you can relax knowing that your responsibilities as a pet owner are taken care of. Your cat’s health is important to you and that is why Medipet makes taking care of your pet’s health as simple and as cost effective as they can.

All you need to do is contact Medipet and apply for cover that costs you as little as R115 per month. That means that for only R115 per month your cat’s health is covered for illnesses and accidents for up to R25 000 per year. Your excess, should your animal need to see a vet, is only R250. Knowing that your costs of visiting a vet will only be R250, means that you do not have to plan when and how you can afford to take your cat to a vet but it gives you the freedom to take your cat to the vet when they most need it.

Your cat’s health is of great importance, and that is why Medipet offers you reliable and affordable pet insurance that ensures that your cat is looked after medically and that you are covered financially should your cat need any veterinary attention at any time!