Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pet Adoption

Pet adoption is a big decision but when you do find the one to adopt in that cute little cat or dog, your life will be better for it! And a way to be certain that their life in return will better is by giving your pet the certainty of good health with Medipet’s pet insurance.

Most pet adoptions happen when the cats or dogs are still kittens and puppies. This means that your pet will be around six to eight weeks of age when you get to take him or her home. And because you would wan to ensure your pet’s health right from the start Medipet offers you and your pet insurance coverage from as early on as your pet being eight weeks old. This insurance is insurance for lifelong cover, so you can know that your pet’s entire life will be well provided for through their health insurance.

You can take out insurance on your pet up to the age of nine years old. So, if you your animal adoption is not that of a kitten or a puppy but of an older cat or dog you can also insure their health with Medipet for lifelong cover.