Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reliable and affordable: MediPet Insurance

Medipet is a pet insurance company that provides you with pet insurance from as little as R115 per month for cats and R125 per month for dogs. This low monthly payment makes sure that your pet and your financial needs are well looked after should your pet need any medical attention. With medical pet insurance your pet can be covered from the time that they are 8 weeks old and cover can be taken out for them until the age of nine years. Cover for your animal is life long, so you can rest assured knowing that you can take of your animal’s health for as long as they need you.

Medipet also knows how much your animal means to you, so should your pet ever go missing your pet insurance even gives you annual coverage for advertising and a reward to find your beloved pet.

Medipet offers comprehensive packages that will make sure that your animal’s health will be cared for should they fall into illness or sustain injuries in an accident. The excess that you pay when your animal does receive medical help is a low fee of R250 and your animal is covered by your pet insurance with an annual cover of R25 000. This means that your pet can receive necessary medical treatment without you having to break the bank.