Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Birdcage

Birds truly are lovely pets to keep as they require little maintenance and bring much joy to their owners. However, it is always important to remember that these sensitive little creatures are pets too, and that they require all the love and attention they can get. Birds are social creatures that so it is a good idea to put their cage on a table outside, or hang it from a tree, so that they are able to interact with other birds. Throw some bird seed out underneath the cage to attract some birdlife and intern stimulate your budgie or parakeet’s social side. This tip goes for any pet: do not keep your bird in a smoke-filled room! Animals may exhibit signs of allergy to cigarette smoke and constant exposure to it certainly is NOT in the best interests of your bird (or any pet for that matter). And finally, make sure that your bird’s cage is suitable big enough for it at least to be able to jump and flap around in. All animals require enough space to remain active and stimulated in.