Friday, September 11, 2009

Sausage Roll!

An overweight pet certainly is not a healthy pet! Sometimes it is very difficult to say ‘no’ to your pet when they look at you with those big brown eyes and they’re begging from underneath the dining table. A treat every now and then is not a problem, but pets require a balanced diet according to their species and substituting this with our human food results in malnutrition and obesity. Obesity may lead to a number of health issues including heart disease, back problems, and strain on the liver and kidneys. It is important to stick to the pet diet recommended by your vet and to ensure that your pet gets frequent and sufficient exercise! Small and older dogs are particularly prone to obesity which will substantially affect their quality of life. Dogs such as Dachshunds suffer from terrible back pain when overweight and easily break their backs while jumping. So do take care and make sure that your pet is getting the diet suited to him/her!