Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moving your Cat to a New Home

Moving houses may be quite a traumatic experience for cats. The moving process is also very difficult for you, and your cat will easily pick up on it. It might be best to send your cat to a cattery, or to let it stay at a friend’s home, during the packing and moving process. When your cat is introduced to your new home, you should allow for some ‘settling in’ time. However, be sure to not let the house-rules go! Make sure that your cat knows where his/her food and water bowls are and where his/her litter box has been placed. Cats should be kept indoors for a period of two weeks, before they are let out, to allow them to settle into their new home. It is also important to give your pet the opportunity to explore its new surroundings and to get familiar with its new territory.