Monday, September 28, 2009

An Ode to Astrid

When I got to my dear friend’s house yesterday I was greeted with some very sad news. His rusty-coloured, loyal Doberman, Astrid, suffered a heart attack on the beach, while he was walking her! The news made my ears sing loudly. I really grew fond of that pooch! She was never particularly aware of her size and as a result she would attempt to climb on my lap or sit, with only one bum-cheek, on the couch trying to avoid being told to ‘get off!’ by looking inconspicuous and watching the TV with much interest. I think her presence will be sorely missed this summer season, void of Astrid snapping at the water splashes we make while playing in the pool on a warm summer’s day. She wasn’t always the brightest of dogs, but she loved us enough to thwart a number of attempted burglaries and she only ever greeted us with affection – ALWAYS happy to see us! My friend and I agreed that the beach was the best place for her to have her last experience on this earth. She loved chasing the gulls and snapping at the waves. R.I.P Astrid xoxo