Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fussy kitty!

Every cat is an individual and like people, each cat can have taste preferences. Cat foods are available in many different forms such as chunks in jelly, chunks in gravy or a meatloaf type. If your cat is a very fussy eater, warming the food slightly will help to release the natural aromas, which should entice your kitty to its bowl. Hand feeding your cat can also be very useful to tempt him/her to eat. This method is particularly helpful when trying to feed a cat that is on the road to recovery after an illness. One trick is to try offering a "platter" (yes this does sound ‘spoilt’ but if you are desperate it may be the best solution!) with a little of each different type of food on it and watch for the one your cat shows a preference for. Don't forget that some cats prefer crunching on a dry food, so do consider this when your cat pulls its nose up to the other types of cat food available.