Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Naughty Cat!

Its spring time again and that usually means one thing: a restless kitty!! As cats come into mating season they become rowdy and extremely territorial, which often results in an injured cat or an injured bird! So how do you, if not prevent, at least mitigate your kitty’s behaviour? I suggest that you make sure your cat wears a bell around its neck so as to alert the nesting pigeons, robins and doves. This will give them fair warning of your cat’s presents. If the neighbourhood’s cat’s are having a turf war in your backyard, cut up some citrus fruit – lemons or oranges – and spread them across your lawn or where you know the cats tend to congregate. Citrus deters cats as they don’t like the smell, and this should leave your yard free of meowing madness in the middle of the night. If your cat’s antics are driving you nuts, it might be a good idea to consider spaying or neutering your cat. This is important in preventing ‘unwanted’ pregnancies and aggressive pets.