Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diabetic Doggy

Diabetic dogs usually require insulin on a daily basis. In many cases your dog’s diet does not have to change, and your dog may be fed the same food that it has always eaten. The food, however, has to be the same amount of the same type of food, at the same time every day. Establishing and maintaining a routine is important as this routine is vital to stabilising your dog’s insulin levels. If it is proving really difficult to stabilise your dog’s insulin levels, or if your pooch is overweight, then consult with your vet so that he/she may prescribe a special diet to help avoid any fluctuations in your dog’s blood sugar levels and to ensure that your dog’s weight stays down as to prevent any further serious health issues. A good relationship with your vet is important in this instance as to ensure that your pet is provided with a healthy approach to this disease. Your pet will then still be able to live a full and happy life.