Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giving your dog a bath

Let’s face it; most dogs don’t enjoy the experience of having a bath. Here are a few tips as to ensure that your pooch is happy and clean! Dogs are very sensitive to sound, so it is not always a good idea to make use of the hose pipe, as the water squirting startles them. Fill your bath tub, or a plastic tub (that is big enough), with some lukewarm water and put your pooch in there. It makes the experience less traumatic. If you do decide to use the hose pipe, then don’t turn it on ‘full blast’ and spray your dog in the face. Instead, approach your dog gently with the water and wash the suds off carefully. This should prevent them from panicking. A hose pipe turned on to it’s fullest is rather cruel – just consider it this way: if you won’t like it, chances are your pet won’t either. Make sure you use a good quality dog shampoo, and give your dog a good brush afterwards. This will stimulate circulation and make for a healthy, shiny coat!