Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Importance of a Walk

The mental stimulation a dog receives from a walk is underestimated. Dogs are mentally stimulated when required to use their senses. They get to see different environments, people and other dogs; they get to feel different textures under their feet, which increase dopamine in the body. Dopamine influences the brain's pleasure centre and is responsible for the positive feelings a dog experiences. They get to socialize and hear different noises. The more different environments a dog experiences the more adaptable he becomes. The bonding experience between dog and owner on walks is also often overlooked. If you have more than one dog per household try every now and then to walk just one dog at a time, even if it means they get a shorter walk on that day as to fit all of them in. It gives your dog time to be with you without the normal competitiveness that usually surrounds more than one dog on a walk.