Friday, September 25, 2009

Travelling Feline

Travelling with your cat is usually a major undertaking! Cats tend to be most at ease in their own homes, surrounded by familiar litter boxes and food bowls. So maybe you should consider leaving them at home, with a house-sitter. A trusted house-sitter can clean your cat’s litter box and ensure fresh food and water on a daily basis. House-sitters often advertise at the vet, so scour the notice boards for someone. If you do decided to take kitty with, a cat carrier is essential! Introduce the carrier to your cat in advance, so that it is not frightened by the carrier when it is travelling. Place a cushion and some catnip in the carrier to entice your cat to it. Allow it to get used to the carrier a few days in advance so that by the time you need to load your kitty into the carrier it is used it being around the house and does not associate it with anything negative. And remember, when travelling with your pet, to ensure that your pet has enough water to remain hydrated.