Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flea Fi Fo Fum!

Fleas are one of the major causes of allergic skin diseases in domestic animals. Effective flea control is dependant on an all year round approach – this would include controlling fleas on your pet and in its environment. Fleas are present all year round, although we tend not to see them in winter as much. Effective flea control involves keeping your pet on a topical flea product throughout winter. You should also spray your household environment with a flea spray, or powder, to control those fleas and parts of the fleas’ life cycle that are not on your pet. Often the problems we experience in summer with fleas build up in the winter months, so by maintaining treatment throughout the year the spring season becomes a lot more manageable! And in particular: good winter control of fleas and other parasites means a more easily controllable summer season!