Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fat Cat!

Cats are prone to putting on a few kilograms, especially as they get older and less active. It is very important that you monitor your cat’s weight as obesity may lead to diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions and bladder or kidney problems, but to name a few health concerns. It may be difficult to know whether your cat is overweight or not. Regular assessment by your vet is recommended, but to check your cat’s weight at home simply run your hands around your cat’s flanks and abdomen. You should be able to feel (not see) the ribs easily, without a heavy layer of fat. Also, the waistline behind the ribs should be visible when looking down, from above. To bring weight down and maintain health, cut out kitty treats and snacks, cut down food intake, and avoid a ‘crash diet’. Exercise is vital too! So ensure that your cat lives a long and healthy life and implement these very easy steps. It will do your cat the world of good.